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THE TOMATIS® METHOD - provides natural, non-invasive sensorineural auditory stimulation training works to condition the ear to restore its full listening potential and thus allow for efficient stimulation of the brain. 

“The Tomatis® Method works on the plasticity of the neural pathways that decode and analyze sounds, as well as those of motor skills, balance, and coordination”. Through direct interaction with the vestibular nerve, the Tomatis® Method has an affect on the regulation of muscle tone and laterality disorders, coordination and rhythm. Individuals with traumatic histories, learning disorders, neurological deficits and psychological problems can suffer from impaired listening because the ears tend to act as a protector, filtering out sounds subconsciously. Once this sensory input is modulated effectively, the benefits of traditional therapy to improve motor development are maximized. The Tomatis® Method is a structured program with patented technology requiring professional certification and monitoring of customized structured therapeutic parameters.


Source: Tomatis® Method, auditory stimulation program for improving brain functions.




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