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NeuroHorizons® Experiential Movement® is an extraordinary approach taught by Sylvia Shordike that elicits the native learning process by intentional and attentive movement as discussed in her book, The Neurohorizons Primer.  

“Our aim is not to manage a problem…Rather, we are invite the child’s brain and nervous system to discover and embrace new, empowering, and  enduring ways to meet the world.   With this gentle approach, children create for themselves something that wasn’t there before, on their own terms, and timetable.  This is an organic, unforced process arising from within the child.”(2)  


Shordikes states on her website, “Our greatest gift to the child is the ability — through our embodied, relational presence — to creatively and fluidly “dance” with them through an expanding neural territory toward each new horizon.”  As discussed in her book, this  philosophy “honors the child’s experience”(129)  and innate movement patterns in order to increase awareness and bring to the surface what is already present and available to “empower a sense of self” (129).  Additional information can be found at concerning educational opportunities for NeuroHorizons®, Feldenkrais®, NeuroScanBalance®, and Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® Graduates.




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