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DYNAMIC NEURO-MOTOR LAB - is a term describing basic therapeutic exercise used in therapy for appropriate clients that thoughtfully and intentionally incorporates fun experiences with principles of neuroplasticity and the OPTIMAL

theory of motor learning to affect the central nervous system. Key principles of neuroplasticity have been prioritized and simplified to be used extensively by all Brain Based Rehab, PLLC staff, the most important is “Have fun!” The chief goal of the Dynamic Neuro-Motor Lab is to consider the brain and its relation to movement. When attention is focused, neural firing patterns are created that permit previously disconnected areas of the brain to become linked and integrated. The Dynamic Neuro-Motor lab is designed to be easily carried over in the home or school once a client is appropriate for transition. For this reason, Motor lab activities are taken from Ready Bodies Learning Minds: Cultivating the Complete Child, 3rd Edition by Athena Oden, PT. (ISBN 978-0-9747827-4-4) Oden describes her lab as being “for all students of all needs, preschool to high school.”




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