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Karen, Director of Brain Based Rehab

After many years of working with individuals in neurological rehabilitation in various settings, Brain Based PT was founded by Karen Fergason, PT, DPT, HPCS.  Karen has been a physical therapist for over 25 years and is dedicated to customized one-on-one treatment plans with a goal of making a difference by unlocking the potential of the brain.  Her dedication and unique perspective comes after raising her family and homeschooling, with two of her six children having special needs. Her pursuit of therapeutic intervention for her son twenty years ago has changed the way she views patients today. 

This life experience, and her post graduate education, has motivated her to seek unique, customized approaches to affect the sensory-motor loop in the brain. If sensory information getting to the brain is disrupted or delayed, then the motor output, also seen as behavior, movement or functional abilities will be disrupted as well. It is now beyond dispute that the brain is able to change in response to activity. Brain Based PT focuses on a customized treatment that first optimizes sensory input to the brain in order to maximize the role of physical therapy in improving tone, posture, strength, balance, sensory integration and new learning using neuroplastic principles.

It is the goal of Brain Based PT to provide the best therapy possible for those who need it most. This includes consistent, repetitive and progressively challenging input to the brain through customized age appropriate activities and  therapies that follow neuroplastic principles. 


Brain Based PT is a multi dimensional approach to therapy incorporating education, neurostimulation and rehabilitation focused on principles of neuroplasticity.  Movement facilitates learning and controlled sensory input helps control movement to help children and adults live better, more independent lives.  At Brain Based PT the potential of the brain is unlocked with a customized individual treatment plan and a comprehensive, relational  approach in real world environments. ​​

Pediatric and Adult therapy services provided by Brain Based PT specialize in, but are not limited to individuals with a neurological impairment, amputation, sensory processing disorder, autistic spectrum disorder, genetic disorder, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, stroke, learning challenges, parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury and developmental delay. Development and healing is a personal journey. When individual differences are supported and the potential of the brain is unlocked the body works as a whole maximizing recovery and development.​

Brain Based PT considers the neuroplastic potential of the brain with every client using a variety of treatment techniques based on evidence based clinical practice guidelines. These options do not represent a cookie cutter approach to therapy, but available therapeutic techniques and neurostimulation technology that can be coordinated together or used individually as considered appropriate after a comprehensive assessment.​​

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